Patriot vs. Loyalist Veiws

Topics: England, American Revolutionary War, United Kingdom Pages: 3 (995 words) Published: November 6, 2012
Prior to the revolutionary war, there were three categories that the colonists would fall into. The first two are colonial revolutionaries also known as patriots, the conservative colonists called loyalists and the neutralists who took neither side. Patriots were the ones who wanted to separate themselves from England because they felt the need they wouldn’t benefit from being under their control and thought Britain brought more harm than good. Loyalists were quite the opposite because of their radical conservative views, they didn’t want anything to change in the colonies and they were happy being under British influence. Then there were the neutralists who were “fence-sitters” who either didn’t know which side to take or just plainly didn’t care about the dispute and thought it wouldn’t affect their lives at all. Patriots were the colonists who wanted to separate from England, who were also middle class average people or merchants who were tired of dealing with an oppressive government. They wanted their own nation to protect and govern themselves. They were concerned about several main issues about Britain’s excessive abuse of power. The first problem was that they had to pay high taxes to Britain in which they did not receive any benefits from. Another was the making of laws in parliament that applied to them but they didn’t receive a say in since no colonist served in the British parliament. Also being a garbage disposal which the British used to send all the prisoners that overflowed the jails to America in order to reduce overcrowding in their prisons. Britain also controlled American shipping and exports by telling them what countries to trade with. The colonies were also required by British law to billet British troops when they were asked; which means that the troops who were stationed in the colonies to keep peace were allowed to show up without early notice, stay at colonists households and demand food for as long as they want and sometimes take...
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