Past Hsc Hoover Question

Topics: Federal Bureau of Investigation, J. Edgar Hoover, John Dillinger Pages: 2 (722 words) Published: May 25, 2013
Describe the life of the personality you have studied (10 marks) John Edgar Hoover is a controversial figure in American history as the longest serving director of the Federal Bureau Investigations (FBI). He grew up with a conservative, white, middle class background in Washington, Seward Square in a friendly neighbourhood populated by public servants. Hoover was a very filial son, living with his mother until her death. His main influence originated from his mother who was a very strict and disciplined person whose values shaped his attitude towards the Bureau Investigations as he became the acting director. After graduating from his high school in 1913, he began working in the Library of Congress where he looked up to Herbert Putnam, who was a master of knowledge with the activities within the building. Hoover also studied his law degree while working in the Library of Congress, graduating from George Washington University in 1916. He began to work for the US Department of Justice in 1917 as a clerk where he soon assisted in Attorney General A. Mitchell Palmer’s activities such as the Palmer Raids, targeting suspected radical figures such as Emma Goldman. When Harlan Fiske Stone was appointed the new Attorney-General, he offered the 29 year old Hoover the job of acting director of the Bureau of Investigations in which Hoover agreed to take on the position with certain conditions. One of these conditions was for the Bureau to become non-partisan. He accepted the position and became the acting director of the Bureau in 1924. He later became the director of the Bureau within the same year, undertaking massive reforms within the organisation. Hoover’s disciplined nature is thus reflected in his work and the agents working for the organisation. He also established his anti-communist value with his on-going pursuit of communists, radicals and African Americans since becoming the director of the Bureau. He imposed a dress code for his agents and raised the entrance...
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