Passion of the Christ

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  • Published: November 30, 2011
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Is the movie “The Passion of the Christ”, one of the most epic stories of Jesus to be told. Many people have extremely different opinions on the matter. The critics are people who have seen the movie and most likely have a religious background to purpose why the movie was good or bad. In the movie “The Passion of the Christ” there are many variables such as the language , actors, and props used that has had a huge impact on the wide variety of opinions on the movie, however I feel that anyone that has a religious background should view the movie themselves.

The Aramaic and Latin language used in the movie promoted the popular debate on why they didn’t use English. Critics believe that the movie's language choice forces viewers to get more involved in the movie and feel it at a more intimate level. Some viewers said that because this movie involved Christ it should be a family ordeal. So when so families took children to see this film they were disappointed at the language used because their children couldn’t fully understand the movie. Mel Gibson, the director of the movie pointed out in an interview over The Passion of the Christ that he made the language choice among the first details of the movie. He said that they languages chosen would have correlated directly with the language used in Jesus Christ time. The Aramaic language was used for everyone in the movie excluding the romans. The romans used a street Latin. Personally, the language used in the movie allows me to be more considerate of the story of Christ. I think the language is a great touch to movie.

There were only a few very popular actors that stared in the movie but did not affect the popularity of the movie. The acting cast was chosen by Mel Gibson. He says that he wanted actors that would get lost in their role. Jim Caviezel played Jesus in this film. However after the movie was released it was not an argument whether he did Jesus Christ justice, it was, had playing Jesus Christ ruined his career? The others face of “The passion of the Christ” were famous but not the talk of everyday media. Such as Mary, she is a Romania film actress and is well known in her country. The woman that is by Mary’s side throughout the movie is Magdalena, an actress from Italy. The actors were not only American; they were from around the world to give the feel of unity of religion no matter what the culture. This feature attracted everyone around the world amongst the Language and religious factor. In my opinion the actors weren’t really a factor for me. I looked pass the people and paid more attention to the story line and plot. The setting and props used in the movie was said to have been too gory and took away from the main point of the movie. Critic discus that the amount of suffering that Jesus went through and the hatred that induced it took away from the film. The question then arose what was the purpose of the movie. Christian alike disagreed on the purpose. Some said that if Mel Gibson’s point was to show gore and hatred he was right on. Others said that they believed that the story of Jesus's brutal beating wasn't sufficient for the film considering it coincided with bible verses. The Bible states that Jesus was almost unrecognizable and I feel that the movie displayed a sorrowful image of Jesus Christ being beat but it showed a biblically true picture. The Feeling a received from this part of the movie was moving it made me feel sympathy for Jesus Christ, yet guilty for my sins to have him do this for humankind.

The religious factor of the movie created many biased opinions on the production of the movie. The movie allowed a different look on the story of Jesus through Mel Gibson’s eyes and the things used in the movie really makes you think about how they analyzed the movie. During The Passion of the Christ's advertising convinced many religious groups to purchase tickets in balk. Whole church groups bought whole rows of tickets to view the movie together....
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