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Kendra M Hutchins
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Before our modern day , Latin was spoken among the most educated. Written literature was in Latin. The origins of language is an important aspect of our culture. We write and speak to get points across. The President of the United States makes his arguments to the Senate and other countries by using English. If we were in the period of time, everything important would be in Latin. The journey of language was not an overnight change. Other languages also help shape our language as we know it now.

I often wonder where languages come from. Not such different dialactes that come with different areas of the United States. But during the origins of language with its spread from culture to culture came changes. Now that there is a different means to communicate, people may not agree with one another. According to the Merriam-Webster online dictionary, the term vernacular can be defined as using a language that is native to a country or province rather than a cultured, foreign, or literary language (Merriam-Webster, 2011). These languages would one day be known as Portuguese, French, Spanish, Italian, and etc. The vernacular languages would also be considered as the large family of contemporary “Romance” languages. Before the twelfth century, Latin was the major language that was used. Especially by writers, This means all of the books were in Latin. This is how teachings and traditions were passed down. This affected the development of a society. “The developments of Latin were influenced by other native languages which included Celtic languages, Greek, and Etruscan” (University of Calgary, 1996). Over the years Latin became used less. So over time maybe even the meaning of different Latin words may have changed meaning. Latin was continuously developed because there were significant differences in each period. Latin determined if a person was higher class or not. The differences...
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