Part-Time Job Survey Report

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Academic Survey Report

Report title:

The part-time job situation of
students in Oxford Brookes University

Course: UPS - C

Student name: Cathy

Words : 1,095


Methods/ Procedure2
Present the results of research3
Chart 1. Hours students spend on part-time job.3
Chart 2. The reason students have a part-time job.3
Chart 3. Influence and purpose of part-time job.4
Chart 4 most difficult thing when having a part-time job5 Discuss the results and provide some suggestion5
Appendix : Questionnaire8


This paper investigates the attitudes about part-time jobs among international students in Oxford Brookes University. Having a part-time job can enrich students' life abroad as well as helping them become more independent. However, it seems that a part-time job may pose a negative influence on study. The main purpose of this report is to find out Brookes' international students' part-time job status and their attitude about part-time jobs. In order to answer this research questionnaire, a questionnaire was compiled and the collected data was analyzed. In term of the results of the survey, the majority of students think that having a part-time job is very important to the life abroad. Also, having a part-time job may influence study. Therefore, some further discussion and useful suggestions will be given as well.


At present, it is hard for graduates to find a good job (Dagangqx, 2010). Therefore, having a part-time job after class may be a good option for students to gain more valuable experience. However, some people are worrying about the part-time job will pose a bad influence on study. How to handle a part-time job and how to balance it with study seems to become a significant question. Proper arrangements for study and part-time job can make college students enjoy working for a company and enrich their reference (Geekinterview, 2010).

The main aim of this paper is to explore the part-time job situation and attitude of Oxford Brookes University students. Combined with a self-devised questionnaire and results analyze, the general part-time job attitude of students is presented. After that, some suggestions also be given in the following part.

Methods/ Procedure

The paper investigates students' attitude and situation in Oxford Brookes University. Primary data was collected from a survey study conducted through a self-designed questionnaire which consisted of 10 questions in connection with part-time job. Firstly, the questionnaire was posted on line and 31 students filled out this on-line survey. Then, the data was gathered as well as some figures were made. After that, the results of the questionnaire were analyzed. What's more, a few one-to-one casual interviews were made in order to give useful suggestions. Last but not least, the questionnaire should be completed on a objective attitude.

Present the results of research

Chart 1. Hours students spend on part-time job.

The Chart 1 shows students' ideal working hours of part-time job in Oxford Brookes University. According to the pie chart, about half of students would like to spend 10-15 hours per week on part-time jobs. Then, about 25% students choose 5-10 hours per week to do a part-time job. The rest of students choose the other two options which are more than 15 hours per week and less than 5 hours per week on part-time job.

Chart 2. The reason students have a part-time job.
This chart shows the reasons that why students have a part-time job. It is quite easy to see that majority of students want to enrich their experience from part-time job. Through a part-time job, they can learn much knowledge which they can not study from books. Also, a tiny majority of students want to make money from the part-time job. Besides, only a few people who having a part-time job because of making friends or other reasons....
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