Part Time Job as a Student

Topics: High school, Learning, Extracurricular activity Pages: 2 (745 words) Published: July 27, 2011
High School Students having a part time job
Many students have part time jobs while currently attending high school. This could be a benefit to those students who seek responsibilty and respect from parents that the child of theirs have matured and willing to take more work in life. Learning to have time management skills is an essential part of life. A skill that will determine how much time a student will have for school and for he's or her own extracurricular activities. Students should plan to fit everything in a schedule that requires less stress in achieving.

First of all, in relation of students academic performance, having to work other than school might gives them the thought of how important it is to be more responsible in dealing many things all at once with a shorter time than they used to have. Having a job could give a motivation on students of studying harder. Keeping up with decent grades or they will in time loose their job due to the fact of obtaining bad grades. Giving tremendous time for work in the result of students like me falling asleep in class and falling behind on homework that should have been finished in time if were not the trouble of the job after school.

Secondly, a working student such of I, have experience the lack of balancing my social life while having a job. I hardly have time for my own, and having the time of extra-curricular activities that I used to have. Not having enough time for my family when they eventually need me to spend time with them and having work gets in the way of all the fun a teenager should be having. Sometimes I think of the only time that a job comes in handy in these situations is when a time alone is what I need to get away from my parents having to control my life.

Having to gain skills for my job while a student in high school was only beneficial for that time being working on that specific job. The job that i had as a student working at McDonnald's did not really supply me with skills...
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