Teenagers Who Work While in High School

Topics: High school, Adolescence, Education Pages: 2 (513 words) Published: December 1, 2010
Ever wonder why the most mature and responsible teenagers have jobs but your playful teen, who won’t take the blame for anything does not or can’t keep one. Many high school students have jobs. Jobs teach responsibility and tend to help teenagers mature over time with this added responsibility. When some teenagers work at their first job they tend to start out playful and don’t really care much. But when these teens work they get a pretty good lesson about ethics and etiquette so if they are willing to learn instead of quitting they will turn out better than when they first started. Many jobs tend to teach lots of responsibility because a lot of things can fall into someone’s job description. Working while in High school is great because it stops teens from messing up their lives by giving them less time to do it.

Working forces teens to get more sleep because they need the energy to go to school and to work afterwards. Now it’s easy to figure out that students who get more sleep perform better in school on work and are more alert during the day. And it can be proven just ask the scientist’s who performed the detailed observation. I mean it’s all over the place. Try getting on the internet and searching the topic, I guarantee that you will get a lot of hits and try this site too (www.sleepeducation.com/Topic.aspx?id=19 ). So the way I see it is if your teen’s working improves his or her grades then why not let them.

When teenagers work it keeps them out of quite a bit of trouble when they consider the fact that the trouble could cost them their paychecks. Now tell me do you think that if your teens knew that they could lose their paying jobs because doing stupid things such as joining gangs, drinking alcohol and abusing substances that they would not do it? I know I wouldn't. The way everybody should see it is like this, why spend hard earned money on something that could take that money away and get you into lots of trouble. And consider the fact that...
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