Parental Pressure

Topics: Suicide, Bipolar disorder, Major depressive disorder Pages: 3 (1155 words) Published: February 20, 2013
The school can be dangerous
1) An essay
Many young people are depressed, tired and in physical pain, when they are in school. This is due to a fear of not being able to live up to their parents requirements. The person who is sitting next to you can handle it better than you, and will your parents be disappointed when they see your grade book. The increasing pressure of expectations on young people in school now seems to have consequences for their health. The school can be dangerous, because many young people can’t handle their parent’s requirements. Today many parents have high expectations to their children. Not every child can handle a lot of pressure. Parents have no idea how something they say can affect their children, especially when they say that they must come home with high grades and if they don’t they have to study more than a child can handle. Parental pressure leads to physical exhaustion due to late night studying to produce a good grade that’s why many young people choose to cheat because they don’t get enough sleep and they are depressed. In a survey done by Donald McCabe says that over 2100 student on over 21 campuses attempted serious cheating on tests and assignments. It is some of the consequences of parents being too strict, and because many young people wants the need to succeed and that’s why they choose to cheat. In an article by Ankita Chaudhuri says that a young boy from Kolkata in India has committed suicide, and it has brought back the focus on how parent’s pressure can affect the children. In the times of India all the psychologists talked and they all agreed that, when children fail to their parents expectations all they needed were some solace but their parents refused to sympathize with them, and it is here they feel trapped of emotions that they cannot handle, that’s why many young people in India choose to commit suicide. Suicides and attempted suicides by young people is on the rise, says sources in India times. In 2008...
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