Declaration of Independence from Homework

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My Declaration of Independence From Homework

When specific events occur that prevents public high school students from engaging in their leisure activities in which is given by nature, It is necessary that these high school students to declare independence from receiving superfluous work given by teachers to be taken outside of the classroom to be completed in the after hours of school and turned in next class, known as homework.

High school students are required to attend seven hours of school, five days a week, until they’ve completed 12 years of education. In addition, students are expected to complete schoolwork after the hours of school. This homework given to students is often viewed as an undesirable task. Students have the right to enjoy their leisure time after completing seven hours of brain draining school and not have to complete any more exhausting schoolwork. However, this is not the case. After enduring long hours at school, students are assigned homework every night and are expected to complete these tedious tasks by next class. Homework can take up to hours, sometimes even days to complete. It extracts all the energy from these fatigued students, leaving no energy left for physical exercise leading to the idea of unhealthy matters. In order to prove this, let the facts be told.

Homework has taken away the time for a student, a teenager to develop their social skills. Homework has caused students to become unhealthy as they spent most of their leisure time hard at work in a chair at their desk when they could be outside enjoying nature.

Homework has wasted both teachers and students time as so that teachers are required to assign and grade homework, so by eliminating homework, students will have less work to do and teachers will have less papers to grade. Homework has forbidden students to go to extracurricular activities such as athletic activities due to the amount of time spent on these tasks. Homework has destroyed student’s...
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