Parent Letter-Grocery Theme

Pages: 1 (265 words) Published: December 3, 2012
Dear Parents,

Soon we will begin a theme of study about grocery stores. I selected this theme because children have some understanding about food shopping and some of the work that is done in a grocery store. That common knowledge will help us build new learning about the work of the grocery store. It also provides us with meaningful ways to develop skills in sorting, categorizing and colors as well as continuing to find interesting reasons to try out our reading and writing skills. During the grocery store theme, the children and I will build a working grocery store in the classroom. Each child will be able to be both a worker and a shopper in the store. You can help with this theme in several ways. When you go to your grocery store to shop for your family’s food, if possible, take your child along. Use this opportunity to help him or her see how the grocery store is organized, where prices are marked and some of the workers in a grocery store. You can also help with some of the materials that we will need in our class grocery store. Our store will need clean, empty boxes or other food containers, sacks or bags, grocery store receipts and coupons. Below are some additional items that would be helpful for your family to save. ❏ white aprons

❏ play money

❏ purses, billfolds

❏ old magazines (with food pictures would be ideal)

❏ grocery store flyers

❏ plastic fruits or vegetables

❏ Styrofoam™ meat trays

❏ strawberry baskets

We will keep you informed as we learn all about the grocery store.
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