Topics: Western culture, Western world, Culture Pages: 3 (1116 words) Published: January 24, 2013
– By Mathew Kneale
When it comes to societies and cultures it is important to point out the huge differences there is between them, depending on there in the world you are. Some people live in a wealthy society and others live in a poor society and this has a high influence on how people think and act. People living in the western society often live their day stressed, selfish and always searching for materialistic things like money and popularity. They often in the hurry forget about real human values like friendship and love for other people. There are though some primitive cultures there money isn’t the most important thing, they try to live like we did many years ago, without the stress and materialism. They have made their own society and live by their own rules. Then again, there are other cultures there people live like we do I the western world. They have the same desires as us and they have forgotten all about the basic human values. They are looking for the paradise. They are looking for the western life. This is described in a short story be Mathew Kneale called “Paradise” “Paradise” is about a British writer called Neville Ewan. He is travelling through Nepal, trying to make a tourist guide to foreigners so they will know which places to visit. When we first hear about him, he’s living in a village called Drughat. The people in the village are very friendly, and he can’t help seeing the place as a paradise. Because of this he decides not to put the village in his tourist guide. He won’t let the materialistic tourists spoil this perfect place. The people in the village are not happy with this decision and it makes them very angry. Neville doesn’t understand why the villagers are so upset, he thought that he had done them a favor, but finally in the end he realizes that the people are just like everybody else - greedy and shallow. Everything was a lie. Their hospitality and friendliness was just a mask, so they could get him to write good...
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