Topics: United States, Culture, Native Americans in the United States Pages: 2 (378 words) Published: April 13, 2013
Legacies and Differences of Cultural Change
There were many Legacies that are still in existence today, because the early encounters with Native Americans and Africans, this civilization is still in existence. The encounters caused the Native Americans to adopt and integrate their traditions, cultures and societies and tribes of cultures and were integrated with the way of life of many cultures. Architecture, food and music were all resonates of legacies from the early encounters. The legacies had a great influence on many Native American communities. (Perdue, T. (2012). The encounters between Native Americans and the Africans were positive. But it was worst between China and India, Native Americans, Westerners, and African encounters resulting in changes dealing with the African Culture. China, Indian and Westerners weren’t as eager for changes to occur. This was due to them not entrusting in one another. In China and India both cultures believed their beliefs, way of living and cultures should remain the same by resulting in smaller amounts of their culture change. (Perdue, T. (2012). Many of the early encounters and integrating of the societies and tribes, traditions and cultures were integrated with our way of life in today’s civilization of many cultures. Within America, there were and still are many different cultures that are found in just one city. People from many walks of life gave maintained to accept one another and live together, joining in on different traditions of one’s nationality with enjoyment. (Perdue, T. (2012). Many civilizations have different cultures with different ways of living, working together towards maintaining the same outcomes and challenges, with others trying to take advantage of the weakness of other cultures expanding them from monetary reasons. As a result of trading and finances there come more changes and differences of our today’s civilization and society, and this comes from the difference in beliefs of many...
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