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Topics: Coal, Petroleum, Fossil fuel Pages: 2 (414 words) Published: April 10, 2013
The essay “Newfoundlandese,If you please” written by Diane Mooney showing how English, British and French of Newfoundland evolved into many variations and the impact on their speech. Mooney identifies herself as an individual from an Irish settlement. The essay begins with Mooney’s travel experience to Port au Port peninsula on the west coast where the French descendants inhabits. In the second paragraphs, Mooney is presenting hers self as someone familiar with the Avalon Peninsula. The author discusses the Irish communities living in the Southern shore of the island and their dialects. Mooney points out that majority of Irish in the Southern shore are Catholics whereas Irish in the Trinity-Conception are Anglican. Mooney then moves on to discuss the Central Newfoundland which are logging and mining towns and their dialects. The author discusses the uniqueness of this settlement and presenting this settlement as someone who got mixed dialects. Finally, the author moves on to discuss dialects of the people living in Northern Peninsula which is very large and not heavily populated. The author concludes Newfoundland as a province with many difference descendants with different dialects.

In the a “A Solution to the Climate Problem” written by scientist James Hansen, Hansen discuss fossil fuel emission impact on the global environment and a possible solution to this problem. Hansen begins his essay by highlighting the problem that we are facing with global fossil emission and how the governments are failing to address this issue. He support his claim by proving examples where governments supports construction of new coal plant, liquid plants, development of unconventional fossil fuels, leasing of lands for oil and gas exploration, leasing of land for hydraulic fracturing, highly destructive mountaintop-removal and long wall coal mining. Hansen highlights lack of policy implementation by the governments as another contributor to the environmental damage....
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