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  • Published : February 17, 2013
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Complex Ions:
1. Cooper(II) found in this molecular structure has a coordination number of 4 2. Cooper(II) cannot form a crystalline structure with a coordination number of 6. It removes the possibility to create a crystalline structure if the sp3d2 geometry is used. 3. The iron shows a coordination complex of 4

4. The magnesium has a coordination complex of 4
1. A complex ion occurs when we have a metal cation, bound by one or many small separate molecules, ions, or polyatomic ions. Below is an example of a complex ion, specifically hemoglobin. It can be see the iron group which is located at the center of the molecule, and in this example is responsible for the attachment of oxygen.

2. The [Be(H2O)4]2+ complex ion will have to hybridize the 1s2 and 2s2 orbitals. 3. Lewis bases, they are donating electrons to the complex metal cation 4.
5. Data Sheet                                                           Names:______________________________ 6. Section 1 (Introduction to Isomers)
8. Does the cis isomer have an optical isomer?      _No________ 9.  
10. Does the trans isomer have an optical isomer?  ____No_____ 11.  
12. Isomers of Pt(H2O)2Br2Cl2 (on back of this page) 
14. Section 2 (Complex Ions)
 | Coordination Number| Number or Isomers|
[Cr(H2O)6]3+|  6|  |
[Ni(CN)4]2-|  4| |
[Cr(H2O)4Cl2]+|  6|  |
[Co(en)2(H2O)CN]2+|  4|  |
[Cr(C2O4)3]3-|  3|  |
[Be(H2O)2(Br)2] |  4|  |
16. Section 3 (Apply Knowledge)

1.      READ THE INTRODUCTION.  Then, answer the following questions. a. In your own words, explain “crystal field splitting”.  
 Crystal field splitting is the split of d orbitals into two separate sections, higher energy and lower energy levels. When the energy separation is bound with additional ligands, it is said to be “bonded or antibonded”. This split can create an energy gap between different levels when the...
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