High School Senior Year Research Paper on Surgeons

Topics: Surgery, Myocardial infarction, Atherosclerosis Pages: 11 (4372 words) Published: November 14, 2011
English: Expository Composition

23 May 2011


One might think of surgery as simple as going to the hospital and receiving a complex operation that saves ones life or improves their quality of life. What most people do not realize is the hardships that those people go through unless they had surgery performed on them themselves, and same thing for the surgeons it is not easy for them as well, even though they are professional and highly trained.

Most people do not think about or even know of how surgery came to be what it is today and even if they did know, they would not really care or think it matters. Well, they're wrong, because if it wasn't for the ancient times and eras such as the reconstruction period, surgery might not have existed today, therefore millions of people would suffer and there would be no one to save them. Surgery dates back to the ancient Egyptians where it is know that they performed operations such as castration, amputations, various operations upon the eye, and lithotomy (removal of stones from the bladder). The Greeks surgical operations and medicine were highly influenced and derived from the ancient Egyptians. India was also well known for its surgical practices, such as the treatment of fractures, the removal of bladder stones, and the hindus are also credited with having originated plastic surgery. A key physician was Hippocrates, a greek physician whose practices, writings, and studies embraced his surgical methods and his medicine. Operative daring through the study of human anatomy and little progress was recognized until the alexandrian school was created because that is where surgery was placed upon a basis of diagnostic precision. Herophilus, a greek anatomist and surgeon, was the founder of this study.

Although the ancient times were some of the first civilizations that contributed to the development of modern day surgery, they were not the only ones that influenced people today. Surgery of the medieval contemporary world embraced the period from the decadence of the Alexandria school to the beginning of the 16th century. Three men were credited with virtually shaping surgery through the middle ages: Paul of Aegina, a Greek surgeon of the late 7th century, the Greek Physician and philosopher Galen, and the latino physician Aulus Cornelius Celsus. Medicine of Arabian and Byzantine descendent fostered surgery and produced many distinguished surgeons in the latter pard of the European countries during this time period, especially italy. It was also during this period that surgery and medicine started to separate, and a new order of surgeons arose in France during the 12th century and were known as “surgeons of the long robe,” unlike the barber surgeons that were known as surgeons of the short robe.

There are many different types of surgeons out there in the world. The reason for the vast amount is so that instead of having only a surgeon that performs on all medical fields, we have people that work on, study, and operate on certain fields of medicine. For example somebody might be interested in operating and learning about the lungs but not so much the endocrine system and how the hormones work, and by giving them the option to be a cardiothoraic surgeon instead of an endocrine surgeon, that person will more likely to pursue a career in that field, therefore possibly saving future peoples lives. Its also healthy because the surgeon would prefer to not have to worry about operating on all organ systems. If that were the case, then he or she might not be 100% focused and efficient on an operation that they are not as familiar with or not interested compared to the efficiency of their performance on an operation in their field of interest. Some different types of surgeons include: the ophthalmologist, the endocrine surgeon, the neurosurgeon, and the cardiothoraic surgeon. The Ophthalmologist studies the functions and surgeries of the eyes, eyelids and bony surrounds of...
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