Pamela Jones, Former Banker

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  • Published : January 1, 2013
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What is the main issue/problem in this case?
How to be a leader and how to motivate and influence employees.

Summary of the case:
Pamela Jones enjoyed banking. Since her graduation, she applied for employment with a large bank, the ABC Bank of Winnipeg and she was quickly hired. She was enrolled in the bank’s management development program because of her good education, her previous job experience and her obvious intelligence and drive. During her first year in the training program, Jones attended classes on banking procedures and policies and worked her way through a series of low-level positions in her branch. She was proud to be a banker and proud to be member of the ABC bank of Winnipeg. After one year in the management development program, however, Jones found she was not learning anything new about banking or the ABC Bank of Winnipeg. She was shuffled from job to another at her own branch, cycling back over many positions several times to help meet temporary problems caused by absences, overloads and turnover. After her first year the repeated promises she had received of moving into her own position at another branch started to sound hollow to Jones. The training officer claimed that there were no openings suitable for her at other branches. When the openings will occur, the manager of each of the branches in question rejected Jones, presumably because she hadn’t been in banking long enough. Pamela’s immediate supervisor, George Burns , complained that because of the bank’s economy drive, vacated customer service positions were left unfilled. As branch accountant, Burns was also responsible for day-to-day customer service. As a result, he was unable to perform all of the duties of his own job. The manager told Burns several times that customer service was critical, but that Burns would have to improve his performance on his own job. Eventually, Burns left the bank to work for a trust company. After several calls to...
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