Palio's Italian Restaurant Case Study

Topics: Marketing, Advertising, Shopping mall Pages: 4 (1155 words) Published: November 12, 2011
Palio’s Ristorante Case Analysis

The Situation
Angelina Palio is the owner and manager of Palio’s Ristorante and is reviewing the slow growth of her restaurant. In reviewing her restaurant’s growth, she is thinking about the future and how she can modify her current strategy to attract more clientele into the Palio’s Ristorante. At this time, Palio’s Ristorante is not doing well and she is contemplating on whether to weather the storm or to unite with a fast-food or family restaurant franchise chain. The Past Marketing Strategy

Prior to opening her business, Angelina believed that her strategy was well thought out. When looking for the location of her business, she carefully looked at various locations and took into consideration several factors, one, would her location attract individuals to dine at Palio’s Ristorante, two, was the location in a convenient area for her potential target customers, and three, would this location provide target customers with superior customer value. The marketing strategy planning process requires narrowing down to the best opportunities and developing a strategy that gives the firm a competitive advantage and provides target customers with superior customer value (Perreault / Cannon / McCarthy 58). Once she selected her location, she began to beautify her location by tiling the floors and performing other facelifts to the establishment to attract targeted customers. Because of her tenacity of wanting Palio’s Ristorante to thrive, Angelina advertised her grand opening of Palio’s Ristorante in the local newspaper, which is viewed by the whole metro area. The Present Marketing Strategy

Angelina Palio realized that she had to step up her marketing strategy to attract the targeted customers to dine at her establishment to keep her business afloat. She looked at her past marketing strategy and determined that something else had to be done because her past marketing strategy was not working. Angelina stepped up...
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