Pakistan Power 100 Gala

Topics: Pakistan, United Kingdom, British Pakistanis Pages: 4 (1337 words) Published: January 7, 2013
Pakistan Power 100 Gala
By; Imran Shaikh

An occasion of pride with sense of triumph and feeling of respect and euphoria for every patriotic Pakistani, domestically and internationally - ‘Pakistan Power 100 gala’ - Launched by Carter-Anderson the British Pakistan Trust, a group of young professional men and women who strive to improve Pakistan’s image abroad and connect inspiring individuals so they can work for the betterment of all Pakistanis. Khalid Darr, a veteran who founded the Pakistan Power 100 Awards and won applauses for highlighting the role of Pakistanis in Britain; the prestigious award ceremony hosted by Pakistan Power 100 in London on September 29, attended by hundreds of prominent personalities from the international Pakistani community and a multitude of non-Pakistani invitees who came to show their support and to appreciate the achievements by Pakistanis and the British Pakistani community. It was a preeminent gala projecting a real and sanguine image of a progressive Pakistan and not only the award winners but the whole 33,000+ nominated power leaders were also being projected as the brand ambassadors of the ‘Brand Pakistan’.

In my view just those 100 awardees are not the only power leaders representing Pakistan but the 33,000 nominated and many more who have dedicated their services to the communities in or outside Pakistan are all power leaders and brand ambassadors of the ‘BRAND PAKISTAN’. Some reservations have been expressed from different quarters of business and other segments of the society about the credibility of the whole process from nominations to the formation of judges’ panel (led by British investor James Caan) and to the final selections of awardees, I would not go into the details but must say that those awarded with power 100 awards definitely deserve it but there are many others who deserve this honor as well although choosing 100 out of more than 33000 is not an easy job but still I would say that there are some...
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