Pakistan Journal of Social Sciences

Topics: Trade union, Collective bargaining, Labour relations Pages: 18 (6163 words) Published: November 14, 2012
Pakistan Journal of Social Sciences (PJSS) Vol. 31, No. 1 (June 2011), pp. 185-199

Unions and Management: A Case Study of Pakistan Telecommunication Corporation Muhammad Shaukat Malik
Assistant Professor of Management and Human Resources Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan, Pakistan E-mail:

A. B. Basit
Associate Professor of Economics, The Islamia University of Bahawalpur

Ahmad Kamal Qazi
Assistant Manager-Marketing, PTCL, Multan Pakistan. E-mail:

Unions basically seek to advance the interest of their members. As a principal goal, unions exert a strong influence on individuals, organizations and upon the government to advance the economic and social positions of their constituents. Union play significant role by adopting positions on such public issues as unemployment, job security, opportunity for advancement, tariffs, health care, wages, social security etc. They try to influence the decisions of not only the administration of individual organization but also the state legislatures to improve labor laws on variety of issues for welfare of their employees. In addition, unions by performing their fraternal goals provide a sense of belonging for employees to give them a sense of identification and purpose. This paper first traces the historical development of unions with particular references to Pakistan, highlight their merit and demerit, current position in public and private organizations and challenge they are facing at present. Second it examines the role of unions in Pakistan's major institution like Pakistan Telecommunication Corporation (PTCL). It is observed that over the time union is loosing their positions in the world as well as in Pakistan like in PTCL. After privatizations since 2006 the state of the affairs of unions at PTCL are very pathetic. Employees have lost all their hopes that the union will ever work for their well beings. Unions need to review themselves to be accepted by the employee and the leaders have to work beyond their personal interests. Unions need to demonstrate a larger social vision as well. Keywords: Unions; PTCL; Collective Bargaining Agent


Pakistan Journal of Social Sciences Vol. 31, No. 1

Concept of union evolved in 18th century and within hundred years, unions in organization become so strong that they become the most critical variable to be managed by the organizational management. Unions represent the non managerial staff of an organization and work for their rights i-e salary rise, promotions, better working environment and employee safety etc. Sometimes the agenda of unions contradicts with the agenda of management due to which conflict generates and if this issue is not resolved in its early stage, it could result in strikes, shutdowns, police arrests etc. Numbers of international event are evident to this theory. This paper aims to explore union role in the organizations and how they performed in different regimes in different organizations of the world and in Pakistan like Pakistan Telecommunication Limited (PTCL). The paper is structured as follows: Following the introduction, section 2.0 provides literature review about the union’s history, their merits and demerits, their role in public and private organization, their progress in the world and in Pakistan. Section 3 provides an overview of Pakistan Telecom Sector and PTCL. Section 4 provides the methodology used for the study. Section 5 discusses the results of the study in detail and section 6 presents the overall conclusions and our recommendations.

I. Introduction

II. Literature Review
Farbar (2001) defined labor union as “It is an association of workers who bargain collectively with their employer regarding the terms and conditions of employment”. Akteruzzaman (2006) says that labor unions as “Labor unions are voluntary associations of workers to promote and protect their interest by collective endeavor and constitute an integral...
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