Labor Unions

Topics: Trade union, Strike action, Collective bargaining Pages: 2 (637 words) Published: February 27, 2013
Labor Unions
Daniel J. Ploeger
Port Huron Northern

Labor Unions
Labor Unions are the concrete foundation for the American work force. Unions were created to provide a better and safer work place, especially for factory based jobs. In this paper the history of labor unions will be expressed. Also the question of whether or not labor union should still play an active role in modern day society. Also if they still influence our political realm. History

In Brody D.’s (2008) Labor Movement special on the history channel, it was found that, the formation of the Federal Society of Journeymen Cordwahers in Philadelphia in 1974 marked the beginning of sustained trade union- organizations among American workers. Also the establishment of labor unions occurred mainly during the industrial revolution. Sweatshop workers were not only over worked, but underpaid with over twelve hour shifts day after day. After labor unions became socially accepted and popular, working conditions became radically improved, wages raised, hours were reduced, and citizens were happier. At this time period unions were completely beneficial.

Negatives of Unions. In Reynolds (2008) Library of economics and Liberty, it is found that on the other side of the topic, labor unions have caused some negative outcomes. While many labor unions have won higher wages and better working conditions for union members, in doing so, the number of jobs available have severely reduced in unionized companies. Also in Gold M. and Mason R.’s (2012) Washington Bureau article, it was stated that with the need to be more independent of the democratic party, unions are increasingly financing their own efforts instead of writing bug checks to candidates or the political party. So while union corporations do provide positives for many members, the companies can make getting those jobs harder to get into. Plus no none corporation member is knows exact ally for sure where union dues are being spent. Or if the unions...
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