P1: Explain Key Influences on the Learning Processes of Individuals

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BTEC National subsidiary diploma level 3 in health and social care Unit 48
Exploring personal and professional
Development in Health and Social Care

Edera Andrade

Miss Jumpp-Graham
P1: Explain key influences on the learning processes of individuals
An explanation of the learning process
As students like me grow up they first start getting taught basic skills such as learning a first language, basic reading and writing skills. When people move on to high school people get taught new skills, as there is many different subjects that range from art to science and each subject there are many things that you would learn. Every day I learn new thing that will help me develop as a person and will help me in the future. Definition of learning

Learning is a body principle advocated by psychologists and educator to explain how people acquire skills, knowledge and attitude http://www.dynamicflight.com/avcfibook/learning_process/
Learning styles
There are three main different ways of learning they are the following; Visual learners, this is learning though seeing. These types of learners would need to see the teacher’s body language and the teacher’s facial expression to completely understand the content of the lesson. It is mostly that there’s types of learners normally sit at the front of the classroom to avoid visual obstructions an example would be people’s heads. Visual learners best learn from displays this includes; diagrams, illustrated text books, videos, flipcharts, use of interactive whiteboards and hand-outs. When a classroom or lesson discussion, visual learners normally want to take detailed notes to take in the information. Teachers modelling at the beginning of the three-part lesson are particularly suitable for these children. The quality of display, AVAs, printed material etc is going to have an effect of the quality of learning of visual learners. Example:

A student named Jessica is a visual learner and she wants to sit at the...
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