Reflection of Micro Lesson

Topics: Learning, Knowledge, Understanding Pages: 4 (942 words) Published: December 8, 2012
Reflection of Micro lesson

I presented my first micro-teaching lesson and lesson plan for 1.5 hours to my peer groups and delivered 20-25 minutes. My chosen topic was diabetes I chose this because I felt diabetes is common and most students will have some knowledge of diabetes.

I felt nervous at the beginning of lesson, I was having difficulties with technical problems, I felt that this made me loose concentration, and this will be a learning curb for next time. As I carried on presenting my lesson, this made feel comfortable I felt the lesson was going as planned. I felt I pitched the lesson well to students, who had basic knowledge of diabetes.

Learning is a change in the ‘brain’ where knowledge is added, adjusted or replaced by developing new skill or understanding a new perception. Learning can be done intentionally by reading, or experimenting and incidentally through personal experiences. In order to help learners understand within a classroom psychologists have found different models of learning. Learning has been divided in to three domains, psychomotor, Cognitive and affective. Each domain has levels and the lower levels need to be mastered in order to progress higher.

In the lesson plans I have used all levels of the cognitive domain to set the objectives by using phrase like, identify, understand, recognise. The objectives start at the bottom of the cognitive domain, identifying what is diabetes, moving to the top of the domain by finishing with understanding of diabetes. However the tasks have been used to differentiate between students therefore used a mixture of psychomotor, cognitive and effective domain to suit all students.

Throughout the session I felt I was engaging with the students at a reasonable level, as I made a good eye contact and smiled, which I felt passed this warm feeling to students. When the exercise was given to students to complete on flip charts regarding 6

Shazia Akhtar

management of diabetes, I...
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