Owning a Pet

Topics: Want, Cost, Pet Pages: 2 (405 words) Published: January 20, 2011
Owning a Pet
Tiffany Pritchett
St. Gregory’s University

Owning a Pet
Owning a pet has big responsibilities and are great to have around. Pets make great companions; all they want is love. When owning a pet, it can be quite rewarding and somewhat of a great experience if wanting to take the time to care for them. When owning a pet: it can be very costly, a huge responsibility and a loveable companion. Owning a pet such as a dog or a cat can cost a person unreasonably amounts of money through out a pet’s lifetime, according to, Press & Journal, The (Aberdeen) (2007),”dog owners can expect to spend 9,000 on their pet in its lifetime, while owning a cat will cost just over 7,200.” (p.6). Owning a pet is expensive, when it comes to the costs a person is dishing out a lot of money in the purchase of the animal, whether a dog or cat, which the cost is determined if the animal is a mixture of many or if it is purebred. The other costs to look forward to are vaccinations, checkups, and when the unexpected happens, like your pet getting sick. All a pet wants is for someone to care. Taking care of animals is a huge responsibility. A pet needs are bathing, feeding, watering, and giving some TLC. Animals are just like humans, we want to eat when were hungry and given water to drink when we are thirsty, also taken a bath to be clean. Keeping up with your pet’s hygiene and exercises helps, they live a healthier life. Animals are there to love and take care of their owners. For example, my dog that I use to have, for being such a small dog, she took care of me when she thought I was in harm’s way. Pets are there to protect you; they love you no matter what. They give unconditional love. They are just great companions to their family. Even though owning a pet is costly, a big responsibility, and a great companion. Always remember that they love their family no matter what, can always depend on them to keep the family...
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