Owning a Car

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Owning a Car
Transportation is the necessity for people to go where they want. However it was a very big issue for people who lived in the past as there weren't any vehicle which provided people to transport easily without carriage. Today, there are lots of ways for transpostation such as public transportation and owning a car. People prefer to transport either public transportatin or a private car. The causes of owning a car are being unhappy with transportation and having crowded family. The first cause can be observed as bein unhappy with public transportation. Public transportation vehicles have not enough seats so people stand up most of the time during the travelling. In addition, people using public transportation spend more time than people having a car. Wasting time leads to unhappy people so they prefer to own a car. The second cause is having a crowded family. If people have crowded families, public tansportation can be difficult for them in terms of meeting with friends all together. Moreover, if there is patient in the family, they can take the patient to hospital everytime by their car. Having looked at the causes, the effect which is economic cost can be examined. The major effect can be studied as economic cost. Economic cost is significant for people. Today, petrol is very expensive for individuals who have a private car. Therefore, that people who own a car have problems is a well-known fact. Furthermore, people must pay yearly the tax if they have a car. That paying yearly tax is necessary creats another problems for them. These reasons cause financial problems for people. To sum up, people prefer to have a car because it is necessary for to be unhappy with public transportation and having a crowded families. Owning a car brings financial problems. Therefore, people should think carefully before they have a car.
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