It Is Unnecessary for Young People in China Today to Own a Car

Topics: Pollution, Automobile, Transport Pages: 2 (381 words) Published: May 13, 2013
Writer’s position: it is unnecessary for young people in China today to own a car.

Until quite recently, most young people long to have a car in China. These days, more and more young adults take public transport to go places such as shops, offices and parks. Some sociologists state that it is important for young Chinese to own a car, because private car also indicates one’s social standing. However, disadvantages like costs, air and noise pollution and the inconvenience can argue that it is insignificant for adolescents to own a car in China. Therefore, young people in China do not need to own a car.

Owning a car can cost a lot of money. It is expensive to buy a car for young adults. Not only are the cars dear, but also the young people earn a little money. Moreover, a car owner spends a great deal of money on maintenance when the car has some troubles. Finally, the gas price is going up dramatically. The car owner spends plenty of money on petrol costs and insurance. Thus, it is unnecessary for youngsters to own a car.

Owning a car can cause pollution. These days, China has a large population and more people have cars. It causes noise pollution which affects the inhabitants who live in nearby buildings. What is worse, the cars use petrol to operate, and the car exhaust pollutes the air. In summary, in order to avoid pollution, young people should choose public transport instead of driving.

Owning a car can lead to inconvenience. In rush hours, too many cars on the road lead to traffic jams. It is exhausting to drive a car in heavy traffic. What is worse, people have difficulty looking for parking, because these are many cars but the place which parking is rare in China. To summarize, when it comes to traffic and parking, it is inconvenient to have a car.

In conclusion, buying a car brings about a series of problems. The car owners spend a lot of money on cars. In addition, the car exhaust pollutes the environment, which seriously damage people’s...
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