history of cars

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30 October 2012
From Walking to Rolling
The automobile has changed lives around the world. Suddenly it was far easier to travel. Not only could you make it long distances in a fraction of the time, you could do it more comfortably and safely. It also lead to society as we know it today. Without cars there would be no need for roads as we know them today. There would be no hotels because people wouldn’t be traveling as far as they can today, and we wouldn’t have a scape goat for global warming. The invention and improvement of the automobile has shaped America’s society to be as we know it today. Over the years cars have improved and changed. Some ideas were thrown away and others grew into common household possessions. It all started with the invention of the steam car in the year 1770(“A Brief History”). From that moment we have never stopped improving cars. Cars have become more powerful and more fuel efficient than anyone could have ever imagined in the early days of the automobile. They have improved in many other ways than just fuel efficiency and power, however. There have been vast improvements to safety as well. These improvements have helped kept many drivers safe and comfortable when driving a car.

The invention of the automobile has been the greatest thing to happen to transportation since the invention of the wheel. Joseph Cugnot is credited with creating the first car which he called the Fardier(“A Brief History”). The Fardier is the oldest known self-propelled vehicle. It became so well known and preserved in history because the vehicle ran out of control on one test drive and knocked down a wall(“A Brief History”). The Fardier was followed by a number of much less practical inventions. It wasn’t till 1801 when Richard Trevithick created the first successful road carriage. Trevithick made one carriage he called the London Carriage in 1803. However, that carriage was taken apart to power a loop rolling mill. Other...
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