Overtime Working and Performance

Topics: Working time, Human resource management, Performance management Pages: 9 (2413 words) Published: December 16, 2012
Impacts of Late Working Hours on Employee’s Performance: A Case Study on Engineers in Telecom Company of Pakistan

Muhammad Salman Qureshi & Jawad Munir Toor

Institute of Business and Management

UET, Lahore


The research was conducted to realize the impact of late working hours and employee performance on engineers of Telecom Company of Pakistan. Performance is the major concern for all business organization. High performer individual are the productive asset of any organization. The research was carried out to find out the relation of late working hours on employee’s performance. There are many other factors like pay, promotion, training experience, stress, physical abilities, organizational culture, reward, and workload that influence the performance of an employee. Structured close ended questionnaires were used to calculate the workload and performance. Around 65 questionnaires were distributed to the engineers of Telecom Company of Pakistan.51 useable questionnaires were received and the data was analyzed in SPSS. Statistical analysis showed the negative correlation between long working hours and employees performance. The result shows the negative impact of late working hours on performance of the engineers and eventually effecting organization performance of the Company.

Keywords: engineers, work hours, work schedule, health, performance, telecom, organization, Pakistan


For many years, employee performance is a key issue in all organizations worldwide. There have been many researches done for measuring the performance of employee especially in public sector. Organizations in most countries focus on employee’s individual performance. Business organizations in Pakistan like in any other country, striving to achieve high performance to become competitive globally. Best human resources are being acquired by organization which leads to achieve the performance goals of organization. The scholarly attention to job satisfaction is not surprising because of it being a strong predictor of productivity (Gordon and Denisi 1995) and job performance which ultimately leads to high employee retention (Theodossiou and Zangelidis 2006). To increase productive performance and reduce jobs abandonment, organizations should improve job satisfaction in their employees. Performance is defined by oxford dictionary as the completion or accomplishment of any task efficiently. Performance is looked as behavior or the way of work done by people of an organization. Performance is the combination of outcomes with work done. For performance measurement both efficient and effectiveness should be considered. Overall performance of any organization entirely depends on the human resource of that organization. Collis and Montgomery in their research conclude that behind success of giant organization, employees play the fundamental role. High level of efficiency of individual performer can lead the organization to achieve their targeted goals as stated by (Armstrong and Baron, 2004). Vroom (1964) suggests that performance is a function of ability and motivation. To ensure organizational performance, effective performance management of individual and team within organization must be consistent with team and individual’s objectives. It develops the common understanding among teams and individual about what and how to attain those goals in organization. People having high percentage of working long hours belong to countries like Africa, Asia, Oceania, and Central/South America. In Europe, Eastern European countries percentage is not very high as compared to other regions perhaps because they might influenced by membership in the European Union (EU). If we have a closer look within regions, in Asia and Oceania, Korea, Pakistan, and Thailand all have high proportions ranging from 35 percent to 45 percent of men and women (except Indonesia at more than 45 percent).

Major effect of long...
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