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Topics: Education, Vietnam, Vietnamese people Pages: 4 (1215 words) Published: May 14, 2011
Overseas study – a common tendency in Vietnam but is it as good as it looks?

1. Introduction

Recent years witnessed a increasing of number of study overseas. Especially after Vietnam joining WTO, students have more and more tendency to study abroad. The Vietnamese economy magazine provided the figure of 50 000 – the number of student study overseas count until 2007. In U.S, the amount of visa issued for Vietnamese student increase 54%, while in Canada rise significantly 90%. They can begin at high school, or tertiary education, or master, but in majority choosing the second and the third. Commonly students think about countries that have age-old and prestigious education such as US, Britain, France, or developped such as Singapore, Australia, or have advantage in distance like China, or Malaysia …

The fact that students are going oversea, integrate with students of all over the world, inherit the best program of education is visional, for not only the new generation of Vietnam, but our country also benefit. However, some phenomenons coming from overseas study open our eyes that it is not as good as it looks. The objective of this research is to test the hypothesis that study oversea really brings the great effect as vision.

2. Discussion of findings

2.1 Why study oversea?

Each student each answer, but the main reason is to have a better education. As we know, the Vietnamese education is still face off many issues and not yet appreciates by the world. Recently, UNESCO classed Vietnam the 79th over 129 countries in educative development index (EDI) . Some issues such as ineffective program, cheating in exam, fraud qualification … decrease belief of parents, especially well-to-do families, in Vietnamese education and orient their child to study abroad.

Moreover, our citizens today live in better condition. Many of them don’t have to worry about livelihood, but can think about something more luxury. With them, $20 000 for one...
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