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  • Published : December 3, 2012
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What is means to be an outsider in America?
Throughout history, America has encountered battles of racism, discrimination, and segregation. Victory of these social battles did not guarantee that these issues still wouldn’t occur. In America today, many people are still affected by racism, discrimination and segregation. American writers such as Langston Hughes, Aurora Levins Morales, and Gertrude Bonnin have experienced the feeling of being an outsider differently. Through their writings, we can begin to understand how it felt to be an outsider in their time period as well as the present where some of these issues still occur.

Langston Hughes was not only an outcast in society but also in his home environment. Had this experience caused him to become a strong voice for the black community? Hughes was said to be the most original African American poet. In his writings, Hughes discussed the issues that had happened because of racism and made a personal connection. These personal connections made his writings unique. In his poem, “Negro,” Hughes discussed the issue of racism and how he had different roles as a black male. “I’ve been a slave...I’ve been a worker…I’ve been a singer…I’ve been a victim…I am a Negro. As an African-American in America, they were obligated to call to the white. In the line, “I’ve been a slave: Caesar told me to keep his door-steps clean.” (Line4-5) Through this quote, we understand that he had to do what the whites had wanted. Hughes knew what it was to feel the way that these lines express. In order to be a successful African- American they had to be hard-working but no lose themselves in the struggles. In this quote, Hughes is showing how they could not lose a part of themselves they still had their culture with them, “I’ve been a singer: All the way from Africa to Georgia.” We are all people and there shouldn’t be a reason why someone should feel like they are being victimized. “I’ve been a victim: The Belgians cut off my hands...
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