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Topics: Employment, Grocery store, Management Pages: 2 (373 words) Published: January 16, 2011

Most of the time nowadays, all business are using computerized system in processing their work, a computerized employee log-in system in the proposed system which will be responsible in computing the time the employee worked. The proposed system will record all data in all reports at the same time so you can make sure they are consistent and it also saves time. Employers will never have to spend much time in keeping up to date with taxes and deductions because the system will be designed updated to such deductions.

The system payroll helps the owner to know the advantages of having this kind of system, and the employee to work with less time and effort. With this regard, the Amplayo Grocery Store is now on a computerized system process and better than in a manual form of payroll.

The Amplayo Grocery Store is a manual process in running their business these may hassle for them but they don’t realized those problems because they did not know yet, but there are ways and process to become effortless and one of the best system ia the Payroll System, these system is design to help the owner think of the best thing to do.

Amplayo Grocery Store using only log book as a daily time in and out, those logs are also the base for the salary of the employees, according to the position, there are cashiers, sales lady, guards, baggage counters, dicers.

The Significance of the Payroll System, is to help their business improve more because as I see and observed the Amplayo Grocery Store don’t have any system yet, they are only in a manual form, that’s why I proposed to have a system, the Payroll System, this may help the owner to organized, and to give an accurate records of working days, salary of every employee according to the position.

Speed in processing payroll will have a faster performance by means of decreasing the manual input areas, and also include tallying of...
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