Payroll System Thesis Ch1-3

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Chapter 1: Introduction

1.1 About the Study
GJ Kids Group is an experienced global chemical distributor that provides creative and innovative sourcing solutions, quality raw materials and product alternatives to industry manufacturers in the Philippines. Over the years they have established themselves as reliable and reputable sellers of industrial and fine chemicals serving industries all over the Philippines. Their key markets include the soap and detergent industry, paints and coatings industry, and food industry. Their sources of supply include both domestic and foreign producers. In addition to their highly efficient supply relationships and abilities, we also bring value through the following sales related activities: * Comprehensive and responsive logistics capability

* Import/Export
* Toll Processing
* Warehousing and Distribution
In year 2010, GJ Kids expanded its services by venturing in a surfactant manufacturing plant to improve further its supply chain management capabilities. The goal is to provide total sourcing solutions to its clients that are defined by outmost reliability, lowest cost, and highest quality standards. GJ Kids Companies are strategically operating locally through its subsidiaries in the National Capital Region, Cavite, and Bulacan, and though its overseas offices in China

The proponents have chosen to make an Automated Payroll System for GJKids’, specifically in its Sulphonation facility, which still uses a manual system to generate and compute the pay for the employees.

1.2 Abstract
The main purpose of this proposed project is to design and implement the computerized payroll system. A computerized payroll system will be developed for handling the payroll system of “GJKids Sales and Development Inc.”. In the existing manual system, it is extremely difficult to handle large amount of data and generate valuable reports. Through automation, such sort of problems will be eliminated and reliable reports will be generated. The computerized payroll system will provide a number of facilities to insert, delete, edit and save the record in a user friendly and GUI (Graphical user interface) environment. With the help of proposed system, the mistakes and chances of errors will be decreased; further more different type of reports will be obtained. The proposed system will be developed by using MS access.

1.3 Statement of the Problem
The study concerns the development of a payroll system that will help the company in improving its operations specifically under the administration since the company has no formal accounting department in dealing with its accounting needs.

Specifically, the system is aimed to solve the following questions: * How will the study be able to improve handling of employee records by making the process more organized and retrievable? * How will the study help avoid duplication, inconsistency, and repetition of data? * How will the study lessen the time needed in the computation of the needed elements in a pay slip inclusive of the corresponding breakdowns? * SSS

* Pag-ibig
* Philhealth
* Miscellaneous
* How will the study lessen the time needed in the generation of pay slips and quarterly reports?

1.4 Objectives of the Study
The study aims to develop a payroll system for GJKids Inc., specifically in its Sulphonation Plant. Given that it is a company on its first legs, most of the company’s operations are still manually done, which also includes the payroll system, which takes several working days to accomplish. The system aims to cut the time which is needed to accomplish the payroll process by automating the current manual process.

Finally, the following specific objectives have been identified:

* To automate the verification and storage of data for easier retrieval and organization. * To give each employee a unique lookup to prevent duplication of data. * To provide an automatic look...
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