Payroll Literature Review

Topics: Employment, Computer, Force Pages: 2 (665 words) Published: May 13, 2013
2.1 Introduction
The concept of employee performance
In textile industry, quality is closely related to employee performance .An essential feature of any successful factory is motivated employee. Therefore the performance of an employee towards his or her place of work and the extent to which an employer, owner or manager is able to motivate employees may have a direct effect on the quality of those products. One most important challenge facing managers is the creation of context within which employees feel motivated and will act in order to achieve the goals of the organization. Firms must put more care on and satisfy employees demand, commitment and inspiration in work and then push them to meet the target set by the firm. Excellent services to employees are resulted from satisfied supervisors, because the performance and behavior of supervisors interacting with employees would influence the feeling and behavior of the employee when they get the service. It is quite important for managers to efficiently define and manage the way that their employees do the service in order to make sure that their performance and behavior are good for service providing.


Since the emerging of information technology and the introduction of computers, more work is effectively performed and successful results achieved. Right from government industries to nonprofit making organizations, the use of information technology has married with all types or rather patterns of activities in order to produce the desired results as an end product of the collaboration. In this day’s industries can effectively use information technology to work its daily activities without delays, failure or man made errors. The payroll system is a new system which uses the computer to work out calculations regarding employees’ performance whereas can compute the total target and hence produce the salary achieved by the employee. In...
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