Outline for Media Effects

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The Thesis Statement:
Media is one of the extensive network that has an important impact on different people in different ways. Body:
Paragraph : 1
Topic sentence:
First of all, Media makes everyone aware of , what is happening around , by the means of reports and newspaper etc. Supporting ideas:
I ) Newspaper
a.Informs people
b.Easily available
II ) Reports
a.What people want
Paragraph : 2
Topic sentence:
Nowadays Media is also a finest of a business income
Supporting ideas:
i)Easy Employment
a.Jobs are available
ii )Wide network

Paragraph :3
Topic Sentence
Media the fourth pillar of Democracy
Supporting Ideas
i.Linkage between governing authorities and general public
ii.Control the mind of masses
Paragraph: 4
Topic sentence:
Moreover, Media also have many positive effects on people
Supporting ideas:

i)Direct way of communication
a.Media to people
ii)Positive Response

Topic sentence:
Besides, Media also have many Negative effects on people by conveying wrong messages and terror Supporting ideas:
i)What Response.
ii ) Mental effect
Paragraph: 6
Topic sentence:
Beside, all of these positive and negative effects there come entertainment.

Supporting ideas:
i)TV serials
a.Reality shows
a.Action and horror
b.Romantic and funny

Paragraph :7
Topic sentence:
Finally, Media is huge network of communication in which normal individual gets benefits. Supporting ideas:
i)News channels
ii)Media is part of internet
a.Social networks

Concluding sentence:
All in all, Media is one of the best source of information, and entertainment which helps all of us in different ways.
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