Outline: Alcohol and Pharmaceutical Treatment

Topics: Alcohol, Cancer, Alcohol abuse Pages: 2 (308 words) Published: April 15, 2013
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I.  Introduction
Alcoholism is an ongoing problem, it’s dangerous, ___ people in the United States are affected by it. (Source 1 #1)

Thesis: While the symptoms and damaging effects of alcoholism can be physically and mentally dangerous, there are many different treatment options and precautions available to prevent against this harmful disease.

A. Symptoms of alcoholism

Topic sentence: The symptoms of alcoholism are quite noticeable in those who are effected by the disease.

1. Excessive use     
2. Neglecting of normal activities (social, occupational, recreational)        3. Ongoing unsuccessful efforts to cut down use      
4. Persistence of use (can’t stop though you have reoccurring problems or medical conditions)      5. Withdrawal    

B. Effects of alcoholism

Topic sentence: Effects of alcoholism can be detrimental to one’s lifestyle, and can cause both life threatening and non-life threating cancers and disease.     

6. Disease (NC 10)   
1. Family Problems (NC 5,6, & 7) (Our room)    
4. Unintentional and intentional injury ( NC 9) 
5. Cancer (NC 8)    
3. Imprisonment, fines, tickets, etc (source 1 #2)
2. Problems in the workplace (NC 3 & 4)

C. Treatments available

Topic sentence: Treatments for alcoholism are available such as rehabilitation care, pharmaceutical treatment, and various support group meetings.     

1. Rehab centers      
2. Pharmaceutical treatment       
3. Support groups

D. Prevention against alcoholism

Topic sentence: Drinking in moderation and taking into account alcohol laws and regulations can act as prevention against alcoholism.   

1. Employee health promotions (NC 1)     
2. Alcohol laws      
3. Alcohol taxes
4. Alcohol Education (NC 2)

III.   Conclusion

Revisit main points and tie it all together.

“. . . the detrimental impact of alcohol consumption on the global burden of disease and...
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