Outliers - My Rosetta Mystery

Topics: Nutrition, Health, Personal life Pages: 3 (954 words) Published: May 1, 2013
Many people believe that having a healthy diet and exercising regularly are the only way to maintain a healthy lifestyle; yet, there are other factors that people should consider when trying to stay healthy other than focusing on nutrition and exercise. Malcolm Gladwell, the author of “Outliers” discovered that the people of Roseto had better health than the rest of the people in the world because of the relationships they had in town. The relationships they built made them healthier emotionally and mentally because of their sense of togetherness. As for my health, I consider myself to be a healthy person not only because I eat right and exercise regularly, it is also from the fact that I have a great attitude and positive relationships with my friends and family which ultimately helps contribute to my health.

My healthy lifestyle has a long history, it correlates with my relationships that I have with my friends who have all had a positive impact on my life. My friends live a healthy lifestyle which is something we have in common. I consider them to be healthy because of the way they lead their life. I never participated in drinking, smoking, or any sort of drugs that may have a bad effect on my health. With my friends also being alcohol and drugs free, it made a great continuous contribution toward my healthy lifestyle. On top of that, we also enjoy the weekly activity of bicycling around town and sometimes, a few games of basketball to keep our bodies active and in good shape. With our good health, my friends and I can ride our bicycle for many hours before we need to take a rest stop. Not only that, when we play basketball, we never get tired before the opposite team. I have a very close relationship with my friends, so they are willing to share healthy tips that they normally would not share with other people. For example, they introduced me to vitamins they were taking such as fish oil, B12, and multi-vitamins to complete their daily nutrition that our...
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