Health Care Issues in the United States

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Running head: Health Care Issues in the United States

Health Care Issues in the United States

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Winter 2010

Explain how health is affected by behaviors, economics and social questions?

As we see in the world today, people’s health are affected by several things such as behavior, economics and social issues. Health or unhealthy living, are caused by certain behaviors which may be considered risky. Let’s take a look at what some people may consider risky behavior; driving reckless, using illicit drugs and or abusing alcohol. These types of behaviors are on the high end. On a less dramatic level, there are some behaviors such as tobacco use unbalanced nutrition along with a lack of physical activities will affect your health. It is known that when you have poor behaviors in any of the above mentioned health areas, can cause or lead to major health diseases which will ultimately lead to death.

When looking at the health concerns among people in the United States and other countries in the world today, there are two other areas which have a profound effect on our health. The areas are economic situations and social issues.Our societal and economic statuses have become critical regarding health concerns and problems. For instance, some individuals and most third world countries with little or no income have very poor health. This is mainly due the ability to obtain or maintain health insurance because of the low income or lack of. Other social and economic issues such as lack of social acceptance, racial discrimination and bad working conditions are very likely to lead to illnesses. One or more of these mentioned social or economic issues could ultimately lead to an early demise. From an everyday approach, it is not the availability or non-availability of medical aid which is the major issue, but how the social and economic factors are related to the health of individuals and most third...
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