Outdoor Education Administration

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  • Published : April 4, 2013
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|Outdoor Education Administration Program Planning Form | | | |Activity: Orienteering and problem solving skills. Gaining knowledge of local area | |and environment issue. Year Level: Six Program Date: TBA | | | |Location: Bunyaville State Forest Park, Old Northern Road, Bunya, Qld 4055 | |(Facility Name & Address) and Local School Area.___________________________________ | | | |The Bunyaville State Forest Park is located off Old Northern Road, approximately 16 km North of Brisbane. There is easy access to the park with ample parking. | |The environment is predominantly dry forest with some gully vine forest and a series of small freshwater ponds. There are picnic grounds, which can be utilised | |for learning activities. Playground equipment is not used during field-visit. | | | |Type of Program: | |Outdoor Adventurous activities, which will consist of an environmental orienteering and earthwalk and problem solving activities. | | | |Participants: | |It is a requirement of the Bunyaville Environmental Education Centre (BEEC) that each class has one BEEC staff member, the class teacher and two helpers | |(parents). | | | |Facility Requirements: | |Choice of different environments | |forest (clear tracts) | |clear area for activities (picnic area) | |wet weather area | |Toilets, parking, BBQ area....
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