Out with the Old in with New

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  • Published : April 15, 2013
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McKinsey Williams
Ms. B Vasquez
English 1301
March 5, 2013
Out with the Old in with the New
The Movie Footloose tells a story about a young untamed teenage boy named Ren McCormick who moves from the windy city of Chicago to the small town of Bomont.  The first time the character of Ren was introduced he was played by the eighties heartthrob Kevin Bacon, in the most recent version of the film the good-looking Kenny Wormald played Footloose’s character of Ren. The original film starring Bacon came out in 1984 and was directed by Herbert Ross and Craig Brewer’s remake premiered in 2011. In both films there are a lot of similarities like the characters’ personalities, music, and the dance scenes, however, there are also many differences such as level of sexuality, and the setting, and we can see these similarities and differences through the evidence shown. Because the times the movies were made there is a difference in both of them. The original Footloose is obviously older and the time from 1984 is a big time change all the way to 2011. Footloose Produced by Herbert Ross has a nice slow pace from scene to scene.  The remake of Footloose in 2011 is upbeat and a faster pace due to viewers they want to keep us interested also the time periods are a big difference. Things that happened in the eighties are a big difference compared to times now. A lot of things remain in the remake such as the old yellow junky car that Ren fixes up. The dancing scenes and who can forget Ren teaching Willard how to dance. Some scenes did not go with the movie from Brewers version.  Racing the car at the track that was just thrown in there for something extra. Footloose directed by Ross was been older with different style. They seem to be stricter back in the day in both movies they banned dancing and music due to the preacher’s son passing away, so they decided to punish everyone because music and dancing was bad in the first place so they thought.  The Romance in the original was...
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