Frankenstein Comparative

Topics: Frankenstein, James Whale, Young Frankenstein Pages: 3 (1148 words) Published: April 13, 2011
Critically compare the text of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein with the 1994 film of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, directed by Kenneth Branagh (Tristar).

Frankenstein, by Mary Shelley, is considered one of the greatest literary works of the Romantic period. It is a tale of a man creating a monster, who then rejects it. Frankenstein, for decades, has been viewed as a horrific monster, but now, having studied both film and novel by Mary Shelley, and the author herself, I can see that the creature is not a monster, but is almost childlike. Having taken an immediate interest to the particular scene of “The Creation” of the creature, I have decided to focus solely on that chapter for my comparative. The main difference I noticed from my first time viewing was the drama throughout the scene in the film, and lack of description, where as it is the opposite in the novel. The film adaptation has twists and turns and added small changes here and there to keep the audience interested, where as the actual novel focuses mainly on the descriptive aspects on the creature. Shelley has Dr. Frankenstein giving every detail of the creation from his “yellow skin” to his “shrivelled complexion and straight black lips”. In the film, we have Branagh running around in his great fitness, swinging this great metal tub around his lab, with electric eels and loud, sharp music. It is focused on the appearance and drama, more so than the description. Another difference I noticed from novel to film was the state that Dr. Frankenstein was in. Shelley has him describing himself of having “worked hard for nearly two years [...] deprived myself of rest and health”. The film adaptation of this is completely opposite to what the novel describes. Kenneth Branagh who both directed and starred in the film is in excellent shape. He is well built and energized and excitable. After the creature has burst out from the metal container, he and Dr. Frankenstein have a struggle on the floor,...
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