Out of School Youth

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  • Published : March 9, 2011
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Out Of School Youth
ASEM Trust Fund for the Asian Financial Crisis Implementation Completion Memorandum Philippine Out-of-School Children and Youth Development (POSCYD) Project ASEM Trust FundNo.023514

Background and Objectives: In the Philippines, the trend for the past ten years show that for every 10 pupils who enroll in grade school, only 7 graduate. The same ratio is experienced among the high school students. Main reasons cited for dropping-out are mostly poverty related. While basic education is free, many poor families are unable to finance the ancillary school needs of their children. Deprived of completing high school education, the out-of-school youth are further marginalized from acquiring technical skills. As mandated by the law, technical education in the Philippines is a post secondary course. The continuing inability of many poor young people to complete basic education and/or undertake technical education, consign them to the vicious cycle of poverty. Their lack of education constrains Out of school youth means having a vulnerable people who have needs. Nobody can deny the hard fact that education is an extremely important factor for bringing change in the lives of individuals. It has universally been recognized as the most powerful instrument and pre-requisite for gearing up the socio-economic development of a nation. In fact, it can be said that it is a pre-condition for the overall up-lift and welfare of a nation. This is why investment in education is considered to be so vital for human resource development and the enhancement of the quality of manpower. The history of humankind, in general, and that of developed nations of the worked, in particular, is replete with the precedents, which establish the fact that a certain level of literacy in population is an essential pre-requisite for precipitating the process of development in a country. The segment of society that plays the most active part in the socio-economic development of any...
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