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Project: Orientation to the Profession (OTP)

0General information1
0.1Quick view1
0.2Assignment brief: Orientation to the Profession2
0.3The assignment context2
0.4Work method3
0.6Learning outcomes4
0.8Assessment criteria5

General information

Quick view

Course| Code| Credits| Year / Semester| Competencies|
Orientation to the Profession (Project)| * ICVP9PRJ1A| 2| Year 1, semester 1, block 2| 1, 8.|

Professional product| Assessor| Mark| Weight| Deadline| OTP Report| Coach| Grade| 50%| Mon 21 January, 12 am|
Poster presentation| External jury | Grade| 50%| Tue 29 January| | | | | |
Peer assessment will be evaluated as bonus-malus: team members can gain/lose 0.5 points on their final score. Peer assessment is based on project management skills and individual contribution to the final products.

Assignment brief: Orientation to the Profession (OTP)

On Tuesday 29 January 2013 we are organizing a poster presentation session in the Atrium, in which all first year IC-students will participate. At this poster presentation session you will get the chance to learn more about the professional field of international communication.

The assignment
In groups, you will prepare a poster presentation about the communication professions in one specific company or organisation by focusing on their roles and the products and/or services which are produced. Your aim is to inform other IC members about their possible future careers. At the same time, you will get the chance to learn about other professions by going to other poster presentations. In weekly tasks you will work towards the poster presentation session. These tasks are described in the overview of weekly tasks. Your coach will give you feedback in the coach meetings.

Before you start the project you will write a project management plan that describes all the tasks and responsibilities necessary to make this project successful.

Poster Presentation setting
The Poster presentations will be held in the Atrium at the Van Olsttoren (Zernikeplein 7). The poster presentation session is open to the public for approximately 2-3 hours. Although the exact time is to be announced later, you can expect the session to take place somewhere between 10 and 16 hrs. You will be provided with a panel board. Visitors will walk around and it is your task to involve and inform them. You should prepare a 5 minute oral presentation accompanying the poster. A jury will also visit your poster to assess your poster presentation.

You will have to cover your own budget. Project groups will be responsible for the printing costs of their own poster (this will be around 20 Euros per group).

You will be provided with panels boards.

The poster presentations will be assessed by a jury of communication professionals. We are inviting alumni and professionals from within ICM and the Hanze University.

The assignment context

The project ‘Orientation to the Profession’ is the first project of the IC programme. The main aim of this project is to help you to get a better understanding of the professional field of international communication. You will be applying several skills and theories which you learn in Research 1, Communication Theory I, Media Skills, English for Communication Professionals 2, and ICC2 Interview skills to prepare and design the poster presentation.

Another aim of this project is to understand the basics of project work, as this will be the first experience of working in an intercultural project team. During the block, and at the end of the project you will be assessed by your peers on your project management skills. This peer assessment is part of the overall OTP project assessment (see section 0.8).

The assignment tasks are planned per week and you are expected to meet the aims...
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