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  • Published : September 17, 2011
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Graduate School of Information Technology and Mathematical Sciences ITECH 5401 PROFESSIONAL COMMUNICATION
Individual Student Assignment Weighting: 30% Due Date: Refer to course description. Submission: Submit your report on Moodle – use a zip file format if necessary. Your lecturer will inform you if a paper copy is required and provide you with details. Assignment Topic: Select one or more key issues concerning communicating as professionals and discuss in detail how it relates to practise in a particular field. (For example, journalists, lawyers, teachers and IT professionals) Description of Assignment: Students will prepare a 2000 - 2500 word report (approximately 10 pages doublespaced, not including references). The assignment is to be completed individually. This is NOT a group assignment. The purpose of this assignment is to enable students to evaluate professional communication aspects within an industry in relation to the various elements covered, and to demonstrate the ability to communicate the key issues through a written report. (Please refer to the marking schedule for the structure of your report) Research the topic using books, journals and reputable websites. As a minimum, your research should include at least two (2) books (may be online books), at least two (2) journal articles (may be online journal articles) and at least two (2) internet sites (general websites), total 6 sources, all of which are used to provide you with the background for your report. This topic is very broad and you should show only the aspects of the topic which form the focus of your report. The report will be based on the critical reading of a wide range of resources as described in the previous paragraph. It is expected that the report will provide a balanced view of the issues discussed. In other words, contrary opinions, concerning each issue discussed, will need to be addressed. Create a report title that highlights the specific focus of your response. ITECH5401...
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