Organizational Structure Outline

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Organizational Structure Outline
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Organizational Structure Outline

I. Introduction
II. The impact of organizational structure on communication (internal/external factors) A.What internal factors need to be considered?
1.Strengths and weaknesses
B.What external factors need to be considered?
1.Opportunities and threats
C. What is the importance of communication on the organizational structure? 1. Organizational structure enables the distribution of authority III. The steps involved in organizational planning and functions of management A.Successful Plan

1.Organizes staff, procedures, and daily processes
2.Monitor budgets, schedules, and work
3.Lead staff members
4.Identify any problems and take corrective actions
B.Focus and Flexibility
1.Focus – Individuals career opportunities
2.Flexibility – A balance of career plans with problems and opportunities C.Coordination
1.Staff members interact and work as a team with good planning D.Control
1.Reaching and meeting the desired outcomes
E.Time Management
1.Balancing time with commitments, obligations, and opportunities F.Solution Focused
1.Structured problems – Familiar situations
2.Unstructured problems – Unexpected and vague situations IV. Strategies and/or methods needed to influence organizational change and minimize conflict A.What are strategies that can be used to bring about change in the organization? 1.Clarify roles and expectations

3.Encourage teamwork/empowerment
B.How can strategies be used to prevent or minimize conflict? C.What strategies can be applied if conflict does arise?
1. Negotiation
2. Incrementalism
3. Mediation
V. The Ethical issues considered important in today’s health care organization
A. How will ethical issues alter your way of conducting change in the organization? 1.Ethical Dilemmas...
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