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  • Published : May 24, 2013
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Homework Assignment 2

This paper was prepared for English 160, Module 1 Homework Assignment taught by, Bethann Crust
December 3, 2012
Homework Assignment 2
Eng 160: English Composition 1
Well I visited two similar but yet different restaurant in one week. I visited A.Js Seafood and Red Lobster seafood on a Friday night with my wife. As you know by their name both deals with seafood. In this case they are so similar but yet different in the atmosphere of the crowd. AJs as it are often referred to offer exotic seafood cuisine. Their menu consists of alligator, frog legs, and oysters. They also sell Quail and chicken their atmosphere is rustic and old pub feeling. Red Lobster serves seafood as well but they do not offer exotic foods of the two restaurants. They offer basic seafood such as crab legs, lobster, shrimp and a variety of combination of plates. They do have scallops too. Their atmosphere is more elegant and upscale with a relaxing feel to it. Even though these two restaurants both serve seafood they are different in atmosphere and certain dishes they prepare. They both offer their food fried, broil or blacken. Red Lobster offer wood grill and AJs don’t offer the grill seafood. The restaurant has two completely different menus that keep me going back for more. I eat at AJs more often because; I enjoy the taste of the raw oysters. So I visit them frequently. My wife enjoys the pasta from Red lobster and I enjoy the lobster tail. We visit try to visit at least one of the seafood restaurant once or twice a week because we just love seafood and the company of one another.
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