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Topics: Fast food, Hamburger, Burger King Pages: 2 (677 words) Published: September 30, 2011
Fresh, Hot, Fast – Can Information System help Johnny’s Lunch Go National?

1. Johnny’s Lunch began its foray into the restaurant business in 1936. Founder Johnny Colera’s objective at the time was simple -- to build a business where he could provide for his family. The Depression was in its sixth year, and jobs were not abundant. His plan was to serve delicious food at prices that were affordable and the business models continue to this day. The challenges had to face with the effect of weak economy which is slow down the business. 2. Johnny‘s lunch used sophisticated mapping technology, POS and inventory management system. These systems would help Johnny’s lunch figured out about the level of competition, demographics, and characteristics of prospective franchise locations that is very helpful to reduce risks and overcome these challenge. 3. POS system helps Johnny’s lunch to control waste and adhere to government regulation. The MICRO system does all of this and provides several other advantage. 4. Yes, Johnny Lunch will be success in its attempts to expand nationally. Johnny’s has been successful because they have a supportive target market of repeated family generations as a customer base in a small town and they are special compare to mc Donald, Burger King , Wendy, etc which is create a different signature to the fast food market.

Mid In Action
1. The target audience for this website is classic fast food lover such as hot dog, hamburger, fries, etc and the most target customers are families and children. The objective brings the fast, quality service and comfortable for customers. Johnny ‘s lunch is focusing on the hot dog menu and their goal is to be the top dog among chain restaurants in our category throughout North America. It is easy to use this web site but they quite haven’t finished the access because user couldn’t use the login system yet. The location mapping is very helpful and easy to customers which are good to go...
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