Unit 16 Level 2 Btec

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Task 3: (P3), (P4) and (P5) Unit 16: Starting Up Your Own Business

Business Plan Name of Business: Edas restaurant

Name: Sade

Business Address:
Flat 9 Merstone House, Borrodaile Road, SW18 2LF
Nature of the business & Unique Selling Point:
Fresh food and a unique fish.

Long-term plans for the business:
To expand the business globally

Legal status: Partnership

Owned and run by two or more people. The partners are jointly responsible for running the business. Most partnerships are small, such as local accountants, solicitors, doctors and vets. However, a few larger organisations operate on the basis that the employees become partners when they join the company. Skills of the owner/employees:

Computer literate (Microsoft word, excel, power point and publisher) Good communication skills
Work well with people and I am a good team player
Able to speak four languages (English, French, Somalia and Swahili)

Country or region:

United Kingdom, England, London, South West, Wandsworth.

Analysis of Competitors:
Depending on where your business will be located, you will probably have competitors. You will need to give a brief description of each competitor.

Marketing plan (P3)

Most of the product the restaurant will be selling is including traditions food, culture food and many other type of food e.g. French food, Ethiopian special pancake and the Kenyan special food called Ugali.

The restaurant will be placed on Borrodaile road opposite Southside shopping centre.

The seafood is between £10 to 30 per meal, the cultural food and traditional food is in between £10 to 20 per meal and the other type of food they price will be between £5 to 25 per meal. |  |
The restaurant will be promoted by universal TV, a Somali channel known all over the world and the...
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