Organizational Issues in Criminal Justice

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  • Published : December 11, 2010
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The following narrative will be illustrated into three sections. The three sections will be classified as: Law Enforcement, Corrections, and Courts. Of these sections I will be discussing the politics, stressors and attitudes found within these elements of the criminal justice system. A recent political event that has created national conflict and debate, are the immigration laws that have been established in the state of Arizona. This will be the topic of all three sections in the narrative and how these laws have affected the law enforcement agencies, the court system and the correctional institutions. Furthermore I will discuss possible solutions that could impact the political views and concerns of those who are in favor and oppose the newly enacted laws.

Law Enforcement
In the state of Arizona, Senate Bill 1070 is a bill that in essence, regulate that elements of the criminal justice system, assist in the enforcement of federal immigration laws. This new law would make the failure of carrying ones immigration documents a crime; additionally giving law enforcement officials a more broad power to detain anyone suspected of being in the country illegally. Some fail to realize that this is not a new concept with immigration or any racist or bias towards Hispanic ethnicities. It is not called a Hispanic deportation law, it is immigration enforcement. Immigration Customs Enforcement or Border Patrol enforce the immigration laws and protect the borders of the United States. This means all persons that are not United States citizens, not any one specific ethnicity. This law provides added jurisdictional boundaries when in contact with a person suspected of being undocumented and requires that law enforcement officials act upon incidents involving undocumented immigrants and related activities. There are those that believe the law will create an open invitation for harassment and discrimination by law enforcement agencies...
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