Organizational Direction

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Organisational direction referred to the human relations as the study of behaviour of the people and their relationships in the organisation with the purpose of meeting the personal needs and objectives with a overview of organisation.

KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) which was founded by Colonel Harland Sanders in 1952 is known as the world famous fast food industry. Colonel used his ford cars to spread the formula to the interested restaurants in Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky and established first authorized KFC restaurant in Salt Lake City and spread through out the Unites States and Canada within five years. At present KFC had spread over 90 countries with more than 13,000 restaurants as a fast food chain industry. The assignment represents the KFC organisation dealing with the present strategic planning with the organisation direction.

Mission, Vision and Values
KFC had been prescribed by the following mission, vision and values with its ability to live up to this determining the current and future characteristics of the organisation.

Values of KFC
Work with Enthusiasm
Our main aim is to make the customers habit of our products by which all the employees work with a passion and energy and serve the customers in a full focussing manner. KFC always respect and give reward to all and individual performances of the employees.

The secret of success
The secret rate of success of KFC is first to serve the customer than target the profitability which enhance the new ideas and give scope to work for growth with competitiveness. The path to win
KFC gives the customers branded products with a stabilised and organised restaurants and serve the customers with full act of conduct.


|Value statements |Tick appropriate box 5 ‘fully agree’; 4 ‘mainly agree’; etc. | |We reward our staff based on their work achievements |√5 □4 □3 □2 □1 | |We all contribute to producing good value products |√5 □4 □3 □2 □1 | |We are all responsible for customer service |√5 □4 □3 □2 □1 | |We respect and value our suppliers by paying them fairly and in reasonable |√5 □4 □3 □2 □1 | |time | | |We believe in striking the right balance between work and home |√5 □4 □3 □2 □1 |

We reward our staff based on their work achievements
We return our employees based on their effort achievements’. KFC recompense their employees based on the pay for presentation beliefs. It also offers greater pay rate opportunities on the improved grades. We all contribute to producing good value products’

Every one contributes to produce good quality worth commodities. KFC produces first-class worth manufactured goods as they move towards awake with dissimilar promotions for children as well as family members.

We are all responsible for customer service
KFC is enthusiastic to provide better facility to customer in hygiene and principles. All the employees work with one aim and goal with full efforts. We respect and value our suppliers’ by paying them fairly and in reasonable time We value and importance our supplier by paying the honestly as well as in level-headed time. KFC consider its supplier very significant fraction of the trade and keeps them well up to date...
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