The Australian Food Industry

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The Australian Food Industry- KFC Report
KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) is a chain of fast food restaurants which primarily focuses on the selling of original recipe fried chicken and other foods such as burgers, wraps, potato & gravy and coleslaw. The company was originally founded in 1952 by Colonel Harland Sanders, and since then it has expanded to over 9,000 stores in 86 countries. It first opened in Australia in Guilford, Sydney in 1968, there are now over 600 stores Australia wide. Since 1997 KFC became part of the YUM!Brands Corporation which owns other fast food stores such as Pizza Hut and Taco Bell. Along with other major fast-food restaurants, KFC plays a big role in supporting the Australian economy; in regards to employment, supporting local businesses and the Australian cricket (which links to culture and tourism). KFC provides Australians with permanent, casual and part time employment. Currently there are over 23,000 employees with 12,000 of them working casually. Employment is not only limited to the restaurants, there are a variety of jobs linked to the company from Truck delivery drivers to advertising directors. KFC supports Australian brands and uses local suppliers including Steggles, Tip top, Ingham & Edgell. The fresh produce/vegetables are sourced from east/west coastal farmers and the potatoes from Tasmania. KFC also supports and promotes Australian cricket which in turn creates more interest, allowing a growth in tourism for sport events. Providing employment and supporting local businesses allows the Australian economy to grow and further expand.

Constant research and development allows KFC to become a rapid growing fast food chain. The company constantly creates new food products and based on consumer popularity decides whether it should be continued. An example of this is the Double Crunch burger. The burger was first introduced in 2010 mid-year as a limited edition. Due to the popularity of the product and customer...
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