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Executive Summary
Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) Malaysia is a major Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) operator in Malaysia and has been established for just over 20 years now. It serves mainly chicken related items, but offers side dishes to its consumers as well. Lately, more and more Malaysians have been opting for a healthier eating diet as a large number of them have become more health conscious. This has opened the door for KFC’s main competitors, such as McDonald’s, to come out with a new range of healthier products, allowing them to mount a greater challenge on KFC Malaysia’s current position as Malaysia’s leading fast food operator. As a response to the advancement made by KFC’s competitors in providing healthier fast food, KFC are to introduce a new set of healthier products that would be mainly targeted at health conscious people, living in Malaysia. Its target market would largely be based on segmentation of age, where it would be focused on customers in the age group of between 4 to 40 years old. KFC Malaysia would, nevertheless, have to fight off fierce competition from other fast food operators, such as Kenny Roger’s, Burger King, A&W, and KFC’s biggest rival, McDonald’s, who are also trying to take hold of the new market of healthier products. The new healthier menu that KFC Malaysia is going to introduce would not only be a new healthier alternative to its existing products, but also an addition to what it already has to offer. The pricing and promotion strategies would also be looked into as KFC Malaysia prepares to introduce its new healthier menu to the public. A detailed explanation of the summary above would be the content of this following report.

Table of Contents
Title / HeadingPage
Executive Summary1
1.0 Introduction3
2.0 Current Market Situation
2.1 Microenvironment Analysis
2.2 Macroenvironment Analysis4
3.0 The New Healthier Product Proposal
3.1 New Proposal8
4.0 Market Potential for New Proposal
4.1 Product Rationale
4.2 Target Market
4.3 Market Potential9
5.0 The New Product Range
5.1 Positioning Strategy
5.2 Product Strategy
5.3 Pricing Strategy
5.4 Promotions
5.5 Placements11
6.0 Conclusion16
7.0 References / Bibliography / Appendices17

1.0 Introduction
Original Recipe Kentucky Fried Chicken, also known as KFC, was created, or rather begun by a person, whose name was Colonel Harland Sanders, in America in the year 1939. It took less than 20 years for it to become famous, and this special recipe managed to reach Malaysia in the year 1973. Malaysia’s first ever KFC Restaurant was opened on Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, and KFC Malaysia has grown ever since. KFC Malaysia is a Western Quick Service Restaurants (WQSR) operation, well known for its fast food service. It is the single largest WQSR chain in Malaysia and in the Asia-Pacific region (excluding Japan). ¹ The items on its menu are mostly chicken-related items. But besides the chicken products or items that they serve, there are also side dishes included in the menu such as coleslaw, French fries, mashed potatoes, and potato wedges. KFC Malaysia caters to various groups of people; from individuals to families, and children as well. They serve different sets of meals to suit the different group of customers KFC Malaysia caters to.

People can never be fully satisfied. Lately, people have become more worried about their health and because of that, sales of fast food have been declining. Therefore, ideas of introducing a range of healthier eating alternatives to KFC’s existing product range have been put forward. However, there are certain things that must be identified before the ideas can be put into action. The purpose of this report is to identify the following: -Is there consumer demand for a new range of healthier products? -What type of new products should be introduced?

-How should these new products be marketed?

¹ Fast...
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